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Description English Handstruck 1d in red on entire from Beverly to Driffield with fine town pmk's 26th May 1844
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN001
Description English Wrapper from London to Austria Via Ostend with fine pmk's 2nd Au 1858
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN002
Description Scots entire 1785 with scarce Penny post not paid in black.
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN004
Description Scots wrapper 1792 with curved Anstruther pmk to Edinburgh with red Bishops mark
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN005
Description Scots entire 1778 Elgin to Edinburgh, with red Bishops mark and black Post Office Elgin scarce
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN006
Description Scots entire from Stirling to London with 2 bishops marks 1 red 1 black and fine Stirling pmk , hand written letter
Price £35
Order Reference PEN007
Description English entire 1837 Maryport to Carlisle manuscript 8 and Maryport straight line in black. Hand written letter.
Price £12
Order Reference PEN008
Description English 1837 cover with Cornhill 2py P.Paid
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN009
Description English 1758 Power of Attorney
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN010
Description Scots Entire 1778 from Port Glasgow to Dunkeld with light black Port Glasgow pmk, Hand written letter.
Price £22
Order Reference PEN011
Description Scots entire 1784 with red Bishops mark , small hand written note.
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN012
Description Scots entire from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy with red Bishops pmk , hand written invoice
Price £10
Order Reference PEN013
Description Scots wrapper 1805 Local to Georges Street with good pmk's, Small rip on back flap.
Price £10
Order Reference PEN014
Description Scots 1842 entire with Langholme boxed dated pmk in red with 2a manuscript pmk , full letter sheet
Price £12
Order Reference PEN015
Description Scots 1813 entire from Edinburgh to Ayr missent to Paisley with Glasgow pmk and with add 1/2d boxed pmk
Price £20
Order Reference PEN016
Description Scots 1815 entire Edinburgh to Leyden Holland with some interesting pmk's, letter written on all sides of paper
Price £25
Order Reference PEN017
Description Scots 1796 entire with red bishops mark, from Barrock Lodge Carlisle to Edinburgh with super black wax seal and an undated black Carlisle pmk, fine hand written letter
Price £32
Order Reference PEN018
Description English entire Southwark to Aylesbury Bucks with good pmk's
Price £15
Order Reference PEN019
Description Scots entire 1797 Doune to Edinburgh with red Bishops mark and light red Doune pmk also manuscript 4 , hand written letter.
Price £25
Order Reference PEN020
Description Scots entire 1846 Glasgow to Edinburgh with a fine black Too Late pmk , ( Small rip on opening flap on reverse. )
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN021
Description Scots entire 1809 from Newton Stewart to ??? with Newton Stewart mileage pmk and a manuscript 5, fine hand written letter.
Price £25
Order Reference PEN022
Description English 1809 wrapper from Congleton to Westminster with Free post pmk and a Congleton mileage pmk
Price £22
Order Reference PEN023
Description Scots entire 1807 from the Bank of Scotland to the Bank Office kelso, letter telling the other bank off for not putting the correct paperwork in letter.
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN024
Description Scots wrapper 1820 to The Gas Light company Bank of the ??????
Price £10
Order Reference PEN025
Description Scots entire 1821 from Paisley to London with 2 X 1/2d boxed pmk,s and Paisley and Glasgow mileage pmk's , hand written letter.
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN026
Description English entire 1815 London to Edinburgh to George Mitchell Royal Bank , with some fine pmk's boxes ADD 1/2d etc,
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN027
Description English entire 1821 Plymouth to London with Plymouth Dock Mileage pmk in red, Hand written personal letter.
Price £24
Order Reference PEN028
Description Scots entire 1823 Leith to Schiedam Holland with paid at Leith pmk, Letter asking for a shipment of fine gin as there was a shortage and a price rise.
Price £26
Order Reference PEN029
Description Scots entire 1823 woth Oban mileage and one other boxed pmk, fine hand written letter.
Price £18
Order Reference PEN030
Description French entire to Kirkcaldy Scotland Via London, good pmk's
Price £24
Order Reference PEN031
Description Scots wrapper 1804 Dunfermline to Kirkcaldy
Price £28
Order Reference PEN032
Description English entire 1823 from Hampstead to Edinburgh with boxed Hampstead NE pmk and Scots add 1/2d
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN033
Description English entire 1828 London to Elgin Scotland with fine pmk's. Hand written letter
Price £25
Order Reference PEN034
Description Scots entire 1830 Crail Fife missent to Edinburgh then to Abbots ford Melrose , hand written letter. Faint CRAIL straight line in black
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN035
Description English wrapper 1854 Liverpool to ?? with manuscript 8 and Liverpool dated in green and other fine pmk's
Price £16
Order Reference PEN0339
Description Scots entire 1852 with Hope Street boxed in green and Glasgow dated in black to Belgium manuscript 6 and other pmk's on reverse
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN040
Description Scots entire 1819 Leith to Holland
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN041
Description English Wrapper used in Cornwall Callington to Liskeard with fine Callington horseshoe in blue 20th Dec 1834
Price SOLD
Order Reference PEN003
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